The Last Ecological Frontier

An ecological haven, Palawan, which lies in the western border of the Philippines, is composed of 1,780 islands. It is known as the "Last Frontier of the Philippines" because of its unique ecological balance.

Palawan is considered as the largest province with a land area of nearly 1.5 million hectares

Palawan is home to 232 endemic species and a wide variety of flora and fauna. The province is also blessed with outstanding geographical features with huge and magnificent caves, virgin forests, towering cliffs, rivers, lakes, ponds, streams and creeks.

Palawan Escapade Packages

  • Package A - Php 5,500/Pax
  • Package B - Php 4,500/Pax
  • Package C - Php 4,200/Pax
  • Package D - Php 5,000/Pax

Group Tour Package

  • City Tour (4 hrs) - Php 600/Pax
  • Dolphin Watching (seasonal) - Php 900/Pax
  • Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour - Php 1,300/Pax
  • Underground River Tour - Php 1,600/Pax
  • Dos Palmas Day Tour - Php 2,500/Pax
  • Estrella Falls - Php 1,400/Pax
  • Tabon Cave - Php 1,600/Pax
  • Firefly Watching (Iwahig With Dinner) - Php 1,200/Pax
  • Firefly Watching (Dinner Cruise Bay Walk) - Php 1,100/Pax

El Nido Package Minimum of 8 Pax - Php 7,000/Pax